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Facts Behind The Names


Looking for the perfect cup of coffee can be a daunting task, especially with so many different types of coffee out there. Have you ever noticed that most coffee names are in Italian? Well, there's a reason behind that!

Coffee has its origins in Italy, and thus, the names of the beverages are naturally in Italian. However, each name is unique and is given to its respective beverage for a reason.

Let's take a look at some of the most famous coffee names and their origins:

Espresso - The word "espresso" originated from Italian natives around 1884, and it means "pressed-out" coffee. This is because it is brewed by forcing high pressured hot water through grounded coffee beans.

Latte - "Latte" is again an Italian word that literally means "milk." It is also called a "café latte" because "café" in Italian means coffee. It is a milky coffee as most of the content is milk to which a shot of espresso is added. Latte is mainly loved by coffee beginners or those who do not like their beverage too strong.

Cappuccino - The most loved coffee is cappuccino, and there is a very complex history behind the name. However, in a nutshell, in Italian, cappuccino means "hood." So, the beverage takes its name from the color of the hooded robes worn by the monks of the Capuchin friars (priest and brothers of the Roman Catholic Church).

Americano - "Americano" is the Italian word for American coffee. It is said that during World War 2, American soldiers stationed in Italy would dilute their espresso with hot water to maximize their coffee consumption. An americano is the simple dilution of espresso with hot water. The strength of a cafe americano varies depending on the number of espresso shots and the amount of water added.

Macchiato - A macchiato means "marked" in Italian, as it is made of espresso shots with a hint of milk. It is best for coffee lovers who like it intense but without the acidity of a sharp espresso. It is a cross between a cappuccino and an espresso.

Now that you know a little bit more about the origins of your favorite coffee drinks, head out and enjoy them even more! Cheers to your next cup of coffee!

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