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Yirgacheffe coffee

Yirgacheffe coffee

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  • Bean OriginEthiopia
  • Region: Chelichele, Yirgacheffe
  • PROCESSING: Natural
  • Altitude: 1945 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)
  • VARIETAL: JARC Variety
  • TASTING NOTES: Floral, Chocolate, Jammy Berries
  • Brewing Method: Espresso


Ethiopia is the home of coffee, and Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the best kinds you can find. It brings you top-quality Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans, carefully picked and roasted to bring out the best flavors and aroma.

Yirgacheffe coffee Beans

Growing Conditions: This Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee grows in the highlands of Ethiopia. The area's special climate and soil make the coffee beans taste unique with floral and fruity notes. Yirgacheffe coffee is famous for its great taste and smell, making it a favorite for coffee lovers. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are known for their high quality and unique flavor.

Bean Size and Quality: The coffee beans come from the JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Center) variety, which is known for high-quality beans. The beans are picked carefully to make sure they are all the same size and top quality, enhancing the flavor and aroma of the Yirgacheffe coffee. This careful selection means every cup tastes great. Yirgacheffe Ethiopia coffee is known worldwide for its high standards.

Yirgacheffe coffee bean size and quality

Altitude: The Yirgacheffe coffee grows at an altitude of 1945 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level). The high altitude provides a cooler climate and slower growth for the beans, which helps develop complex and rich flavors. These conditions are perfect for growing premium Yirgacheffe coffee with unique taste qualities. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee grows best in these high-altitude areas.

Yirgacheffe coffee Altitude

Process: The beans are processed naturally. This means drying the whole coffee cherries in the sun, letting the sugars from the fruit add to the beans' flavor. This natural process gives the coffee a rich, fruity taste with notes of chocolate and jammy berries. Yirgacheffe coffee beans processed this way are loved for their bright and complex flavor.


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