Collection: Discover the Delights of Filtered Coffee: A Manual Brewing Method

Filtered coffee, also known as Drip Coffee, presents a captivating brewing process. Utilizing parchment paper or a filter, this method enables the extraction of coffee grounds with the infusion of hot water. The coarser texture of the grounds distinguishes it from powdery espresso.

With a simple setup comprising a dripper, parchment paper (filter), cup, and of course, coffee grounds, filtered coffee is prepared manually. The absence of pressure allows for a gentle pour-over, enhancing the cup with a refreshing flavor profile. Although it takes a bit longer, the end result is worth the wait.

Every nuance and subtlety of flavors is delicately captured during the slow filtering process, filling the cup with heavenly aromas. The paper filter acts as an absorbent, reducing concentration and heaviness, ensuring a pleasant experience even after a hearty meal.

Filtered coffee's extended brewing time facilitates complete caffeine dissolution, invigorating and energizing your senses. Awaken and stay active with every sip of this meticulously crafted brew.