Top Coffee trends 2021

Discover the Latest Coffee Trends: From Dalgona to Plant-Based Options

Coffee lovers, are you ready to explore the latest trends in your favorite beverage? Thanks to social media, we're seeing more coffee experiments than ever before. And when a viral sensation hits, we all want to give it a try!

Let's dive into some of the most exciting coffee trends happening right now. Have you heard of piccolo? It's a delicious blend of one shot of espresso and 2 ounces of milk, making it a lighter option than a cortado. Dalgona is another hit trend, where coffee, sugar, and water are whipped together and poured over milk for a sweet and light coffee.

If you're looking for a non-dairy option, try plant-based milk like oats, almond, or coconut. And if you need a quick caffeine fix, snap-chilled coffee is perfect for you. These coffees are brewed hot, then quickly chilled to preserve the flavor and aroma.

Matcha is also gaining popularity as a unique alternative to coffee. Made from green tea powder, matcha is brewed similarly to coffee and can be added to lattes for a new twist on your favorite beverage.

Stay on top of the latest coffee trends and experiment with your own recipes at home. Who knows, maybe you'll discover the next viral sensation! Don't forget to hashtag it on social media and share it with your friends.

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