What Would You Like? Filtered or Espresso?

What Would You Like? Filtered or Espresso?

Drinking coffee not only elevates your smile but also gears you up for the day ahead, infused with positivity and energy. The first sip of coffee never fails to disappoint a whirling soul. A coffee lovers’ amp for a coffee that is flavorful and calming at whatever hour of the day they might drink. The coffee culture is growing year on year. It is the joy they have after experiencing a long hectic day or a kick in the morning, between studying at night or those long working hours. It is becoming a need more than a want.

Haute Coffee Roasters are up ahead, filling that need to the best of their capacity by giving the best flavors with a wide variety. However, there is a preference that customers opt for in the choice of what they want to have when they have their calming break in a hectic life. What are those two choices? Let us find out…

There is an inevitable fight between the two top-notch choices. And who is the winner? People typically decide by how they like their coffee, either the filtered coffee method or the espresso method. Luckily, we serve beans that can be used with both methods. Let us find out the difference in easy language to elaborate on both exotic methods.

Filtered Coffee Method

“Filtered coffee”, which is also termed as “Drip Coffee”, works with the help of parchment paper (or a filter) and allows for the filtering of the coffee grounds with hot water. The grounds of the coffee beans for this method are not too powdery and have a coarser texture. The whole method is done manually and only requires a dripper, parchment paper (filter), cup, and obviously, the coffee grounds.

With no pressure on the beans, the water is gently poured over, accentuating the cup with the freshness of
the flavors. However, it takes a bit longer than other methods. The cup is eventually filled with heavenly flavors as every nuance is trapped in the cup due to its slow filtering process.

The paper (filter) absorbs the essential oil, making the cup less concentrated and less heavy so that you can enjoy it even after a big meal. As it has more time to brew, the caffeine is completely dissolved, shaking you awake and active.

Espresso Coffee Method

When the cup is filled with high notes and the consistency is thick, you then have the method known as “Espresso”. The coffee grounds used for this method are much powdery compared to filtered coffee. However, the flavors extracted from this method are mind-blowing and resonate with the urge of coffee lovers. The water amount is less, and due to the extreme pressure used by its portafilter, it gives a full-bodied and thicker consistency.

The consistency of the coffee allows it to mingle well with milk. So the options are unlimited with either a latte, cappuccino, or many more. Diluting it with milk enhances the sweetness infused in the cup due to its method.

This method requires a full setup of equipment, which allows for extreme pressure to be applied through a round portafilter with a rod attached for holding the filter. Coffee is then poured straight into the cup. This method requires less water, enhancing the high notes of
the extracted expresso. As caffeine needs time to dissolve, and expresso is made quickly, it is not as caffeinated as filtered coffee due to the lack of time.

As taste is a matter of preference, the method can make all the difference. People who like the espresso texture hail for espresso. People who ask for filtered, like flavors that the filtered method interprets. Haute Coffee Roaster provides and understands the love of both, and we use coffee beans that are the best for both processes. Try the different methods and get the best results for your coffee fix.
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